Saturday, November 19, 2011

The mind of Caleb...

Today is Saturday. I like to pretend that means it's a day to sleep in. Having 3 small children means I can only pretend, or face the consequences. Today was a day of facing the consequences. I ignored the little blond head next to my bed at 6:30 this morning, telling me it was time to get up and get him some hot chocolate. That little blond head should not be ignored as it is full of ideas and plan B, C, and so forth. I found out what he was up to a couple of hours later. Matthew did sleep in (children start to do that once they are school-age). I went to wake him up so we could go get donuts and noticed his bed was soaking wet. Suspecting foul-play, I asked what happened.

Caleb said, "I poured water on his bed so he would think he wet the bed and get up and play with me."

Never ignore the little blond head.

It was  a blustery, autumn day....

It all started when Mom drank 3 cups of coffee. She doesn't do that too often. Daddy was gone for the weekend, so she decided to get us donuts for breakfast. She doesn't do that too often either. The combination of caffeine and sugar got her all inspired to do some yardwork. She said it was because Daddy hates yardwork and we were doing him a favor. I think that she did it secretly because she enjoys it. Mom also said something about us having some energy to burn off. Either way, a leaf blower, a yard full of leaves, and us kids were a recipe for FUN!

Mom used the leafblower, but wouldn't share. She said we didn't know what we were doing, but I think secretly she was being selfish. Caleb and I ran around the yard, with leaves blowing into our hair and down our shirts. We solved that problem by taking off our shirts. Fall in Texas means it's not really cold enough for clothes. We had lots of fun running around, with leaves falling all over us. Being from Africa means we don't get to do this too often.

Imaginary snow
We also pretended it was snowing, because it might be the closest we are going to get to snow. As the leaves piled up, we realized Jordan was nowhere to be found. Caleb and I ran through all the piles of leaves, scattering them everywhere we went. We searched in the drainage ditch in our backyard to see if he ran away. We couldn't find and him and got a little scared. As Caleb began to bawl, which he does often, Mom finished blowing the leaves with a satisfied smile on her leaf and dirt-blown face. She took us by the hands, picking up our discarded clothes.  We went inside, and peaked in on Jordan, fast asleep in his bed. Oh. We finished off our blustery autumn adventure with a bubble bath, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and a nap. For Caleb, of course. I don't take naps- I'm five, you know. 

Sunday, July 18, 2010

First trip to the ER

We have 3 little boys, and I've known this day was coming. I even knew which child would be first. I just wish I had been wrong. Saturday was an eventful day of potty training, going to a birthday party, then going to see Shrek 4. The evening ended with two very tired and silly little boys jumping on the trampoline, and Caleb falling off and breaking his leg. It was just a hairline fracture, but a cast is a cast for an extremely active, independent 2-year old boy. He's figured out he can scoot around on his bottom, but he prefers ordering the rest of us around like servants. I predict he will be the CEO of something one day, maybe of an adventure sports company. Hopefully the cast comes off in 2 weeks, but it could be 4. Praise God this is the cooler time of year.

Friday, July 9, 2010

All God's Creatures

One of the fun things (for little boys) about living in Africa, next to the ocean, is the variety of creatures that find their way into our yard, and sometimes into our house. In the last 48 hours, we have had:
  • -a 10 inch millipede
  • -2 fuzzy caterpillars
  • -a dung beetle
  • -a hermit crab
  • -and LOTS of mosquitos
come to visit. Not my favorite aspect of living here, but the kids definitely enjoy it! Except for the mosquitos. :)

The Visitor

Last week, as I was taking out the trash, a man outside the gate called to me. He explained he was from South Africa, was on a spiritual journey, and just needed a safe place to stay for the night. Josh got him a place to stay in the clinic wards (since we really had no idea who he was), and he left the next morning after a kind word of thanks. It seemed a little bizarre, but we were glad to help. Ashay (the guy) came back after a couple of days, feeling really sick. He must have gotten the flu like everybody else in Mombasa. We gave him some food and gave him his place to stay until he got better. Josh had the chance to talk to him about his "spiritual journey" (which was an all-inclusive view that all roads lead to Heaven.) Josh shared with him the truth about Jesus being the the only way, and hopefully planted a seed in his heart. Please pray for Ashay that he will keep searching and think about the things Josh shared with him.

Winter in Mombasa has arrived

Mombasa is a tropical, humid climate just under the equator. What this means is from November to March it is EXTREMELY hot and humid. If the power goes out (which it does frequently), I'm usually ready to pack my bags and move to Alaska. However, in April, it starts to cool off, and the days are beautiful (and somewhat rainy). We have enjoyed putting on our sweaters and jeans and closed-toe shoes. Some days, it gets down to 72 degrees! We even turn off our fans for a little while. Crazy weather, I tell you.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Our crazy boys!

This is the most recent picture I have of Matthew. Clearly, I need to take more pics! He's all silliness though.

Caleb really like chocolate, or, as he calls it, "chockik". I couldn't resist getting a picture of him- sorry it's gross!